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Registration / Reservation

What documents do I need to fill in my file?

The future tenant
  • Valid National ID Card (passport for foreign students).
  • Valid visa or resident permit or assimilated (for foreign students).
  • Student card or proof of enrollment.
  • Last 3 payslips or a copy of the work contract (students in employment).
  • Recent employer certificate (students in employment).
  • Bank details (RIB) of a bank with a branch/office in France.
  • Bank guarantee (if the tenant doesn’t have a guarantor).
The guarantor
  • Valid National ID Card or passport.
  • Valid visa or resident permit or assimilated.
  • Last 3 payslips.
  • Recent employer certificate.
  • If self-employed, last balance sheet .
  • Most recent tax declaration (in full).
  • Last rent receipt.
  • Property tax if house owner.
  • Bank details (RIB) of a bank with a branch/office in France.

What should I do if I haven’t got all the right documents to hand?

Once you have created your account, you can fill in your file in several stages. It is possible to fill in the on-line file and add the various documents one after the other. So even if you don’t have one or two documents, you can always add them later to your online file, created for each residence.

What are the admission conditions?

To be admissible, you must have filled in the file completely with all the necessary documents and your guarantor’s references (green barometer). Afterwards, you must have received confirmation of your reservation and have signed all the contractual documents.

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is a person, who by signing the collateral security deed, agrees to pay the rent in the event that the tenant cannot do so. This can be a physical or a moral entity or person, and is generally a relative or a friend.

What is collateral security?

Collateral security is a legal deed involving a person other than the tenant and the hall of residence in the lease contract. When the guarantor signs this document, he or she undertakes to settle the rental expenses in the case of any failure to pay on the part of the tenant. The document’s signature takes place prior to the tenant’s arrival at the hall of residence.

Do I have to have a guarantor?

No, you don’t have to have a guarantor, for example, if you are a young worker and have sufficient income.

Can anyone be a guarantor?

The guarantor must be financially solvent, which means that they can prove, by way of their own income, that they can bear the financial burden of the tenant’s failure to pay their rent or otherwise.

When is my reservation confirmed?

Your reservation is confirmed when all the documents making up the lease have been signed and the first monthly rent has been paid.

Can I contact somebody for advice?

You can get the answers to all your questions by contacting our teams! For any queries, you can contact us by email at the following address:, or by telephone at: 0033149102432

Finally you can also use the chat option available in each file for more specific information. Go ahead and contact us!

Can I reserve a short rental period in a hall of residence?

Depending on availability in each residence, you can book a flat for a short period (minimum 2 months and subject to acceptance). To do so, we advise contacting our teams directly.

How long does a rental contract last?

The rental contract is a 12-month lease that can be terminated at any moment with a one-month notice. The lease is renewed by tacit consent.

Arrived at residence / Keys handed over

What happens during the visit? How long does it last?

We of course strongly recommend that you visit your future place of residence before signing an agreement. To visit a similar type of housing, request an appointment with the manager on the online calendar in your reservation file. Tell us when you are available and our team will contact you asap!

An average visit lasts ½ an hour and will contain a tour of the entire hall of residence and its facilities, together with a visit to a flat similar to the one you wish to rent.

What is a check-in/out inventory? What is its purpose?

The check-in/out inventory is a written document in two copies (one for the tenant, one for the residence). It describes the flat rented, together with all the furnishings, fixtures and fittings and their condition.

Its purpose is to ascertain the condition in which the tenant takes over the property. For example, if a spot or stain is noted on a piece of furniture, the tenant will not be billed for this at the time of leaving the flat if it is noted on the check-in inventory.

A rental period has two inventories: at the tenant’s check-in and check-out. In the case of any damage during the rental period, the hall of residence has the right to withhold the amount required to repair such damage from the rental depoisit.(repair tariffs available from reception)

Housing assistance/support

Housing benefit in France: APL / ALS?

APL is individual benefit paid to people with low incomes. It is paid in the following conditions:

  • The tenant or his or her partner must be the holder of the rental contract
  • The tenant must pay a rent
  • The accommodation must fall within a government program.

ALS benefit is financial assistance designed to reduce the amount of rent or monthly mortgage payments. (According to conditions of each housing.)

Am I eligible for housing benefit?

The simulation involves filling in a 5min-questionnaire. After this, you will know how much you can deduct from your rent.

See the questionnaire

At what point should I request housing benefit?

The request must take place after signing the lease. However, you can carry out an approximate simulation of your rights on the French Family Allowance Fund (CAF) website. See the link in the previous question!

Am I eligible for housing benefit even if I decide to flatshare?

Yes, just as in the case of an individual rental. The housing benefit you will receive will depend on the income of each flat sharer. (To be specified on the CAF form)


When must I pay my rent?

Rent must be paid between the 1st and the 5th of each month.

How do I pay my rent?

Your rent can be paid by:

  • Bank transfer (make sure you specify your last name, first name and flat number on each transfer)
  • Bank cheque (make the cheque out to the name indicated at the bottom of each rental invoice)
  • Bank card directly at the hall of residence offices
  • By direct debit on the 5th of each month

What arethe administrative fees?

The administrative fees paid by each tenant on arrival are the expenses related to the creation and management of the tenant’s file throughout their stay. They include the availability of a manager during the reservation, the writing of the lease, the check-in and check-out inventories and the appointment when they keys are handed over.

Can the security deposit be used to pay the last monthly rent or in the case of early departure?

No, the security deposit may under no circumstances be used to pay the rent. It is intended solely to cover any possible deterioration observed during the check-out inventory.
The legal limit for the payment of the security deposit is 2 months. However if no damage or deterioration is noted at the check-out inventory, then this limit is reduced to one month. If the rent was paid according to a means other than by direct debit, then the tenant must leave their bank details (RIB) with the residence manager on leaving the flat during the check-out inventory.

Expenses, taxes and insurance premiums

Do I need to take out comprehensive housing insurance?

Yes, each flat must be insured against fire, explosion, theft and water damage that covers the flat itself and equipment of each flat.

Warning: this document must be produced when you move into the flat and failure to do so will prevent you from moving in. This document must also be provided each year at the anniversary of your lease renewal.

Do I have to pay household refuse tax?

No, household refuse tax has already been included in the amount of each flat’s expenses.

Do I have to pay council tax?

Yes, council tax is payable by each person living in accommodation as of January 1st of the year considered, whether it be as an owner-occupier, tenant or housed free of charge. Students are thus subject to council tax for the flat they occupy. Council tax is paid in November.

What expenses are included in the rental amount?

Everything is included in the rental price. Tenants pay an all-inclusive, no surprise amount at the end of each month that includes:

  • Unlimited wifi access
  • Access to common rooms
  • Bicycle garage
  • Reception staffed by managers
  • Council refuse tax
  • Maintenance of common rooms
  • Water and heating
  • Electricity (depending on the halls)


Does the hall of residence loan equipment?

Each hall of residence has some household devices (hoovers, irons and ironing boards) available for loan from the residence manager. (laundry facilities???)

What equipment is there in each flat?

Each flat is equipped with the following:

  • Kitchen appliances (stove, fridge, micro-wave oven)
  • Bathroom appliances (washbasin, towel drier, shower)
  • Furniture (Sofa-bed, desk, armchair, shelving, chairs/stools, table)

(Non-exhaustive list that can vary from residence to residence)

What does the Household Linen Kit contain?

The Linen Kit contains:

  • Bedding: two pillows, one duvet, two pillow cases, one duvet cover, bottom sheet
  • Bathroom: one medium and one large towel
  • Kitchen: two tea cloths

What does the Crockery kit contain?

It contains: A set of crockery, cutlery, glasses and kitchen utensils (for one person?).
(Non-exhaustive list that can vary from residence to residence)

In case of break-downs/damage who pays the repairs?

As indicated in the lease, everyday upkeep of your flat is at your expense (changing of light bulbs, unblocking sinks, etc.)

However any damage or breakage of furniture on the part of the tenant will be invoiced.


Which services are not included in the rent?

All the services are included in the rent, you can however take out additional services such as flat cleaning (pas inclus?).

How can I arrange for my flat to be cleaned?

To ask for your flat to cleaned, you need to sign up at least 24 hours ahead of time with your residence manager.

How do I report a maintenance problem?

You can report any problems directly on the MyCampus website. Your request will be dealt with as early as the first available working day. In the case of an emergency, please call the telephone number indicated in the residence leaflet handed to you on arrival.

There will always be someone available in the case of a problem. The residence managers are there to ensure your well-being, do not hesitate to contact them.

Life in the hall of residence

Can a couple rent a flat?

Yes, it is quite possible for couples to rent a flat. You will however be directed towards flats other than bedsits. Our teams are available to advise you in this case.

Can I invite guests?

The flat is your home during your stay at the hall of residence, which means that you can invite friends to stay. (parties?)

Can I host or organise an event?

It is possible to host an event in the common rooms of the residence, depending on the availability and infrastructure of each residence. Contact the residence manager in this case.

Are the residences secure?

Yes, the residences are watched 24/7, with a presence during opening hours (posted up in reception) and CCTV cameras located on the site. Access to the residence outside opening hours is through an electronic pass that is given to each tenant on arrival.

Can I smoke?

As each flat is equipped with a smoke detector, you are strongly advised not to smoke inside the flats to avoid setting off the fire alarm. For the well-being of all, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the common rooms of the residence. Smoking areas are available in each residence (outdoor terraces, garden, patio).

Can I bring a pet?

For the comfort and satisfaction of all residents, pets are not admitted.

What should I do if l lose my keys/pass?

If you lose your pass, please inform the resident manager who will provide you with another one (at a fee).

Can I receive parcels?

Your parcels are received by the residence manager. When you receive a parcel, you will receive a message in your letterbox. Make sure you take ID to pick up your parcel from reception.


Is it possible to terminate the lease? How much notice is required?

The lease can be terminated by sending a registered letter or by handing a letter directly to the residence manager and by respecting the one-month notice period as indicated in the general terms of rental. Notice is considered to have begun as of the date the letter is received by our services.

Can I leave my flat without carrying out the check-out inventory?

No, the check-out inventory is compulsory. However, if you cannot be present on the day, you can choose to be represented by someone else of your choice.

Can I leave my flat before the end of the notice period?

The tenant can leave the flat before the end of the notice period. The tenant will however be required to pay the last rental amount in full as agreed. Before leaving, the tenant must also schedule an appointment to carry out the check-out inventory.
A pre-check-out inventory is an advisory visit prior to the actual check-out inventory. Its objective is to resolve any possible issues encountered by the tenant during his or her rental and to avoid any billing on the day of leaving the flat.

One month prior to the intended leaving date, the tenant (in person or his or her guarantor) must send notice of leaving. The one-month period starts as of the date of reception of the letter by our services. An appointment must also be scheduled to carry out the check-out inventory with the residence manager.

Finally on the day of departure, the tenant must "hand over" the flat in the state it was when they initially moved in, both in terms of condition and cleanliness.

A cleaning service is available to the tenant prior to leaving to ensure that this aspect is properly covered. Similarly, items such as the Linen Kit must be returned in plastic wraps as they were on receipt. Should this not be the case, a fixed amount will be billed to cover this service.